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2008.11.23 07:22:31
Michael Campbell

Some of the people we've contacted to participate in Humanety have responded, "But I'm not a celebrity."  To which, we usually respond, "Of course you are!"  It occurred to me that some people may think the term celebrity refers only to famous entertainers.  A few may actually think the term taken on something of a negative connotation because of the unfortunate actions of some high-profile people.

At Humanety, we think of celebrities as being those individuals who are celebrated for their achievements irrespective of their field.  In that light, Stephen Hawking and Stephen King are both celebrities, although the term doesn't quite seem to fit Professor Hawking as well "Uncle Stevie".  This is why we coined the term "Humanetarian": we needed a way to describe those individuals whose work is appreciated by a wide audience even if they are not as famous as Harrison Ford or Will Smith. "Humanetarian" also underscores the fact that these people are donating their time to do some good for the world.

We've had the great fortune of getting to know each of our Humanetarians a little from working with them in support of their auctions. They are, without exception, nice people and all deserve to be celebrated even if they don't believe themselves to be "celebrities".

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