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2009.02.24 08:53:31
Michael Campbell

We enjoy using Twitter to not only provide quick updates on Humanety happenings but to also follow some of our favorite people. Last week, I noticed a few tweets and retweets from folks about the Tom Merritt and Molly Wood auction for Kiva. One of these caught my attention in particular: the poster -- @albert_steed -- said, "Chance to talk with host of @Buzzoutloud by donating to charity. http://humanety.com/"

What was particularly remarkable about this tweet is that Albert had placed the high bid on the auction just a few minutes prior. So, he was encouraging people to bid on an auction that he was positioned to win. When I asked Albert about this, he responded: "I was just trying to help out". So, while Albert truly wanted the chance to meet Tom and Molly, he was more concerned with Kiva getting the most support possible from the auction.

I think that is a wonderfully selfless gesture by Albert. I'm thrilled that he did go on to win the auction as I am looking forward to connecting these three truly generous people.

You can follow Molly on Twitter at @MollyWood and Tom at @acedtect.

Michael (@TheRealMJC)

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2008.11.23 12:26:12
Michael Campbell

Much love to Veronica Belmont and Patrick Norton for the mention of Veronica's auction on Tekzilla today!  (And a very fond welcome to all of you who have discovered Humanety thanks to their support.)  We're thrilled over the response that Veronica's auction is getting, especially because every dime goes to Child's Play.  This will translate into some happiness for children in just a few weeks.

So, Patrick laid down the gauntlet and said he'd bid on Veronica's auction.  So, my question to you is: how many of you would like to see Patrick in his own auction?  There's no guarantee he'll say "yes", but if we go to him and say that lots of people would bid on his auction, he might agree to be our newest Humanetarian.  So, please comment and let us know what you think.

Speaking of new faces, we just recruited Alex Lindsay of Pixel Corps and both Tom Merritt and Molly Wood of cnet's Buzz Out Loud as Humanetarians. We're working out the details now and will post their auction information soon.

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